Why is in-house music important to your store?

  1. Facilitates branding
  2. Creates an appropriate atmosphere
  3. Makes the shopping experience more personal
  4. Sets the pace of the shopping experience


The music that is played in a store serves as a clear representation of the brand. When you think about it, every store has its own niche when it comes to music. For example, spas and wellness centers would usually have relaxing music, while gyms and sports centers usually have upbeat music playing. Music really sets the feel of the whole store, in addition to the usual layout and design.

Aside from inventory management in the Philippines, in-house music is probably one of the biggest factors that affect the way customers think and feel about your brand. Although it’s usually underrated, it’s definitely one of the key elements of every store out there! Take a look at the reasoning behind in-house music being absolutely vital in the lifespan of every store!


Facilitate Branding

The music, or rather, the style of music that you play shows what kind of store you want to be. Because music in itself is composed of different genres, choosing the right one promotes a different kind of feel. Curating select tracks for your store playlist is vital in creating a clear and undeniable brand image.

The music that you use has to match everything that your store has to offer — from the type of business and the theme you follow to the layout of shelves, tables, chairs, and design of furniture!

By playing the right kind of music in your store or restaurant, you’ll tie-in all the other elements in your establishment together, creating a mix of visual and audio branding!

Remember, you are going to encounter different kinds of people at your store. Some of your customers might remember your store because of how it looks while others might remember it because they heard certain songs being played. At the end of the day, every store owner needs to keep both of these in mind to enhance their branding efforts!


Create an Appropriate Atmosphere

Create an Appropriate Atmosphere

With the rise of e-commerce stores, physical shops need to step up their game to keep up with them. One of the best ways you can do this is to make the quality of the shopping experience better than ever before.

In-house music is one of the primary differentiators for physical stores. In essence, music is said to have a large role in creating and upgrading the retail experience.

The music that you choose to play not only makes the store’s environment better and more in-tune with what kind of business you do, it also affects your customers! The right music will create the perfect ambiance for your store, adding to the customer’s experience. It can even influence the shopper’s moods and feelings!

Analyze your store’s physical layout and the nature of your products and service. Keep it in mind when choosing what kind of music to play. When you do it right, you can create your own, personal vibe — whether it’s playful, relaxed, or empowering!


Make the Shopping Experience More Personal

Since most physical stores can be found in commercial centers, music and other related sounds are not uncommon. Most of the time, a mall would already have its own music playing that’s different from the in-store music of each specific shop. Pair that with your average noise pollution from people talking by-the-by and other sources of noise and the typical customer would find it hard to concentrate, even if it’s just to think about a few things!

In-house music helps mask the noise so that you only have to listen to the music that is most appropriate for that store! In a way, playing music in a store gives customers more privacy as they browse the products and services that you offer!


Set the Pace of the Shopping Experience

Set the Pace of the Shopping Experience

The tempo, rhythm, and volume of in-house store music can have an effect on how fast or how slow the customer flow in a store is. Calm, relaxed music played on a low volume can help influence people to wander around the aisles and browse the products slowly. Energetic, fast, and loud songs make can make people pick up the pace as they try to view everything in the store quickly.

Many stores have already implemented strategies based off of this observation — some of which you can also do for your store! During your peak hours, play slow, calming music to encourage the people perusing your products to stay and do so for a while. This can help maximize the time that they’re going through the store. When closing time is near, you can try to play loud, energetic music so that the customers who are in the store speed up what they’re doing as well as their decision-making process! It’s a lot better if you have a fast and efficient point of sales system in the Philippines so that you can keep up with the potential bulk of customers!


Key Takeaway

In-store music is incredibly important. Aside from an effective inventory management system in the Philippines, the use of music is one of the best ways to boost up your store!  When used properly, it can enhance the store’s branding and the customer’s shopping experience! Make sure that you play the appropriate music so that you’ll give your store and your customers experience a huge upgrade!