What should you be doing to enhance your in-store atmosphere?

  1. Prioritizing customer experience
  2. Appealing to the senses
  3. Taking note of the little things


The potential that your store has to become a popular one within your area depends on what you’re willing to provide. In the Philippines, inventory management is what people tend to prioritize as it has one of the higher degrees of impact on the overall productivity of a business.

That being said, this is an internal process. Meaning, much of the benefits garnered here is from when customers actually buy things from you. And when you don’t have the means to let attract customers, inventory management processes will almost always be for nothing.

In order for you to better attract customers to your store, you have to put an emphasis on making your in-store atmosphere the best that it could be. That said, there are many factors that affect your store’s atmosphere or ambiance, most of which you have the power over as the business owner.

You have to be precise and decisive, however, because the improvements you do for your atmosphere needs to be consistent with your own branding philosophy. The more compatible with one another, the better its rewards will be!


Prioritizing Customer Experience

Prioritizing Customer Experience

The easiest improvement on your part as the decision maker is to instill to your employees that they should always put an emphasis on what the customer will be experiencing within the store.

Customer experience is vital in attracting and retaining customers. It starts from the moment they enter your store and ends when they leave. However, every other contact point from then on will be part of the whole customer experience.

You have to take care of your customers. The more they believe and see that you are actively catering to their wants and needs, the more they’ll be more loyal to you, especially if they’ve deemed your products or service high quality.

Much of customer experience revolves around your staff. Make sure they’re available to people who need them.

Encourage them to offer as much help and knowledge they have of the products or services to the customers. Make them educators of your business so that the customers will know everything they need to right then and there. And of course, ensure that they are as polite as possible. Nothing will make customers happier more than polite and joyous staff.


Appeal to the Senses

Appeal to the Senses

Humans are known to be visual creatures. But that doesn’t mean the other four senses are inferior when it comes to appealing to them. Focusing on what customers see is a good tactic. However, making sure that you stimulate all five senses is what can make your store unique.

Make sure that your store is visually appealing, not to the public, but to your target market. Keep in mind that you can’t please everyone. So find a way to attract certain niches to your store through the use of color and design. Don’t forget your branding philosophy — that’s probably the most important part of the visual category.

Inside the store, there are three important factors you should have. First, you should have an entertainment option. Play background music or product placement videos. This will give your customers something to listen to or watch while in the store.

Next, you should consider having a signature scent in your store. It’s a great way of making your store distinct and different from even a few steps outside of, making the experience more unique and rather intimate.

Lastly, you could offer free tastes (for food retail) or free product usage so that your customers will also be able to test out your products before deciding to buy. There’s a big difference between choosing between just what a box tells you and deciding on how useful something is once you get to use it.


Always Take Note of the Little Things

A lot of the time, many stores forget to (or rather, don’t) make use of the little things. Things that you can actually live without such as store labels, price tags on shelves, even the placements of products around the store.

As much as these are not necessary, they can be a tremendous help in enhancing your in-store atmosphere. Don’t just settle for generic pieces. Rather, make custom ones that can really add to the vibrancy of your store.

This basically falls into how particular you are in setting up your store. When your customers see how much effort is put into it, they’ll surely appreciate it!


Key Takeaway

Much of a store’s appeal revolves around how great a store is in the perception of its customers. That’s why you have to do as much as you can to make your store as attractive to them as possible. Once they’re in, make every effort to make them happy to be a customer in that store through great customer service and impeccable store ambiance. When all goes well, they’ll be happy they decided to go into your store and will probably head on over again when they feel like it!

After your enhancement of in-store ambiance, inventory management in the Philippines is what you should focus on next. With these two concepts, your store will be on the road to becoming a very successful one!