What are the basic things that you need to know about innovation platforms?

  1. What are innovation platforms?
  2. Who uses innovation platforms?
  3. Why are innovation platforms used?


There is always room for improvement. No matter how advanced your systems are or how fluid your business process is, there will always be opportunities to grow. That being said, the growth that your business experiences can be attributed to so many factors.

Everyone that is working or has ever worked for you has contributed at least their time and effort in improving your business. Keep in mind, however, that for you to continue on improving, you will have to make use of a business innovation platform. In the Philippines, there aren’t that many companies that see the value of innovation platforms. And this is something that needs to be addressed right away!

Today, cutting-edge technologies are constantly dishing out new and better software, devices, and applications. Of course, you can’t disregard the ever-evolving mindsets of generations of business experts as they come up with new strategies and techniques for use in business! The vast sea of knowledge and technology is something that every organization should capitalize on. Relying on tried and tested methods can only get you so far.

Most businesses think that implementing inventory management software such as point of sales systems are enough to keep the business running. Although these systems do contribute a lot to business processes, it can only help improve the business to some extent. If it’s true and constant growth that you want, you have to use innovation platforms.


What are innovation platforms?

Contrary to popular belief, innovation platforms are not advanced systems of software that solve issues with immense data gathering and logical analytics. It’s actually quite a lot simpler than that! An innovation platform is simply a space for learning and change. It is usually comprised of a group of individuals that represent organizations, departments, or aspects of a business. They would typically have different backgrounds and of course, interests.

In a wider application, an innovation platform would be composed of farmers, traders, researchers, government officials, business owners, and others. These people gather with the goal of diagnosing problems at hand and finding opportunities to solve it while achieving a collective objective.

Most of the time they result in implementing activities, tasks, and processes as a group, or they can simply coordinate activities between individual members! Innovation platforms are strategies that are usually done by communities and cities. Basically, since it deals with a large group of individuals it has the capability to change things at a larger scale!

In the context of businesses, however, an innovation platform is something that you do in order to propagate company-wide changes and improvements. When used correctly, a number of issues can be discussed and potentially solved in a short span of time!


Who uses innovation platforms?

Who uses innovation platforms?

As mentioned before, innovation platforms are used in a relatively large context. However, it is more popularly used by industries that have multiple organizations working together. It’s treated like a community meeting wherein a representative of each organization will bring up issues plaguing them and the collective will try to solve the problems altogether.

For the most part, the organizations that make use of innovation platforms include those focusing on agricultural research, development agencies and NGOs, local and national government, and donors.

Agricultural research organizations use innovation platforms to help make their work more suitable for real-life applications. They also use them to facilitate the adaptation and distribution of their findings to their partners. This also enables them to step out of their comfort zonea and view the whole picture in their research.

Developmental agencies and NGOs use it to identify interventions and ensure that they are appropriate for the situation at hand. It also lets their stakeholders influence policy making and development activities.

The government uses this as one of the primary tools to improve policy making, relationships with clients, and outreach services for the public.

Lastly, donors see innovation platforms as a way to enhance their targeting and effectiveness of development interventions!


Why Use Innovation Platforms

Why Use Innovation Platforms

Its common knowledge that people use this strategy to identify problems in a large system and improve upon them with the help of the whole community. Why, then, should businesses use it to their advantage?

Innovation platforms may be time-consuming and somewhat difficult with all the different departments, backgrounds, and interests butting heads. However, at the end of the day, it’s the improvement of the whole business that is put on the line. When the people understand this, they’ll be more than willing to cooperate!

Using innovation platforms is a great way of solving company-wide problems that are usually dealt with by individual employees or departments. When a problem exists in one department with another as the victim, it can cause some unnecessary stress all over the workplace.

The processes of innovation platforms will enable a business to fully identify problems and find ways to work things out, eventually improving the whole of the system!


Key Takeaway

Business innovation platforms in the Philippines are not as widely used in some other countries. There are very few people who understand just how effective these are in improving your business. Keep in mind the importance of this innovation platform as well as point of sales systems and other software in ensuring that your business is ready for constant improvements!