What are the basic things that you should know about visual merchandising?

  1. What is visual merchandising?
  2. How important is it for physical stores?
  3. What are its purposes?


Your store will not matter unless it can attract customers. You can’t settle with just the best practices in inventory management. In the Philippines, you need to be able to cater to the public for your store to really take off. And though that’s not an easy feat, there is a strategy that can help you get started quickly — visual merchandising.
Learn what this strategy is and how it can help you transform your simple store into a busy one in no time!


What is Visual Merchandising?

Basically, visual merchandising refers to everything that the customer sees, both the exterior and interior, that creates a positive image of a business and results in attention, interest, desire, and action on the part of the consumer.

Sometimes, the visuals your store already has are enough to communicate a story to prospective customers about what it is all about. One of the most important aspects of visuals includes the presentation of the merchandise to your customers — the subtle features that create the store’s overall atmosphere.

In essence, effective visual merchandising leads to an increase in in-store traffic and sales volume.

Without implementing this, a store would probably look bland and uninteresting to prospective customers that walk by.

Keep in mind that visual merchandising doesn’t just make your products look organized and attractive, but they also make use of all the free space available. That means effective visual merchandising makes use of the sides of shelves, the space between the ceiling and the top of the store shelves, and all the other negative spaces within the store.


How Important Is It For Physical Stores?

How Important Is It For Physical Stores?

Visual merchandising is not only an extension of inventory management in the Philippines but rather, it is also serving as the easiest way to increase the visibility of the brand which in turn increases brand loyalty by a lot.
Imagine a typical fashion store or any retail store in general. They don’t just leave their products on display randomly. There’s a reason why their best clothing is displayed on mannequins — because it really brings out the appeal of the product. There’s also a reason why the best-selling retail products can be found on their own or at eye level.

The store should want to emphasize these products. They’re strategically put into places where the chances of people seeing them are the highest.

It’s also incredibly important for the branding of your store. Visual merchandising makes use of everything and anything that can be seen in your store. That includes the color of the walls, the layout of the furniture, and the negative space that’s left. All of that adds to the entire visual experience.

In a way, this helps set up ambiance and personality in the store, making it that much more appealing to certain groups of people.


What Are Its Purposes

What Are Its Purposes

The reasons why visual merchandising is being done by most of the retail industry differ from store to store.

However, in most cases, they all have the same end goal in mind—and that is to increase sales by promoting merchandise.

Through the use of visuals, you can also attract or encourage customers to enter your store. From simple window displays to straight up product placement outside of your store, these will surely attract your customer base to enter.
A bonus to visual merchandising is that it helps establish the store’s image. Depending on how you design the interior and exterior of your store, you’ll attract different kinds of people. And when you double down on that, you’re basically creating a small haven where even your customers will feel comfortable as they browse through your products.

For the fashion industry, another purpose of visual merchandising is to suggest outfits and looks. A lot of the time, the mannequins in these stores are dressed with a set of clothes that were made to look good with each other. There’s also a technique wherein shirts are displayed atop the skirts and pants to let customers see how they look together while they browse through the items. Through visual merchandising, you can educate your customers on how they can use or accessorize the merchandise.


Key Takeaway

As important as the point of sales systems are in the Philippines, visual merchandising is probably even more important as they make it possible for physical stores to attract customers with minimal effort. An initial investment is all they need in order to make their stores look and feel attractive to their customers.

Visual merchandising is a great concept and strategy that every physical store should be implementing. Without it, chances are your store won’t even be able to get customers to visit you.