What are some important tips regarding warehouse organization?

  1. Do not disregard cleaning
  2. Adopt lean inventory practices
  3. Organize safety, safely organize
  4. Customize and optimize based on your industry
  5. Adopt an inventory management software


There’s a fine line between what inventory management is in the Philippines and the many procedures that employees do to organize a store’s inventory. Take note that inventory management involves the whole process of keeping track of your inventory, from the storehouse all the way to the hands of your customers.

Organizational procedures in a store are merely one part of inventory management. This includes labeling, item classifications and the use of point of sale systems. In the Philippines, these systems are very important in providing a sense of direction for those that manage inventory. With that being said, this article will focus on the area where inventory management starts—the warehouse.

Keeping your warehouse as organized as possible will benefit your whole inventory management process in more ways than you think. Just like how an organized desk will make you feel more at ease at work and how an organized folder on your computer will make it easier for you to look for your files, organizing your warehouse will bring you that same convenience, but in a larger scale.

Make sure that your inventory management process is as efficient as possible with the help of these five tips on how to organize your warehouse!


Do Not Disregard Cleaning

Do Not Disregard Cleaning

You would think that cleaning a warehouse should be left to the sanitary engineers, but the cleaning referred to in this point is a general cleaning wherein everyone available must allocate a period to cleaning their work areas. The goal of this general cleaning is to make sure that you’re not missing or misplacing any items. Usually done once a week, or once a month, cleaning your warehouse would ensure that your employees can move around better and get things done easier.

A clean and orderly warehouse also ensures that your items are at their best quality. You might be able to find things such as tampered goods, or obsolete inventory in your cleaning routines, further optimizing your inventory!


Adopt Lean Inventory Practices

Try to maintain only as much as you need and nothing more. There is no need for you to always be fully stacked to the brim. Making sure that you only have the ideal amount of inventory in stock. This makes it easier for the workers to sift through the place when organizing freight and completing an order. Take note, the fewer the stored items in a warehouse, the roomier it is—meaning workers will have an easier and more comfortable time all around!

A few ways to start with maintaining a lean inventory is to reduce your safety stocks, or if possible ask your suppliers to deliver smaller loads on a more frequent basis!


Organize Safety, Safely Organize

Organize Safety, Safely Organize

No matter what you do in a storehouse, you should always be thinking of the safety of everyone. A safe procedure is an efficient procedure. Keep in mind that you should always prevent any kind of danger from threatening your workers. With that being said, you should create labels in your warehouse for each item that you have. Put on those labels, important descriptions of the items, and ways that they should be handled. Also, create a system for when you’re handling fragile items for the safety of both the workers and the items!

Another important thing to take note of is to use movement patterns and the layout of the storehouse to your advantage when organizing things make use of all the available space!


Customize and Optimize Based on Your Industry

Every organization has a system that is tailored to that business. There are some cases where items are shipped together to a destination. Organize your warehouse in a way in which the items in that group can be found close to each other. When they’re in one area alone, it will be easier for employees to gather them and ship them to its destination!

Sometimes there won’t be any kind of group shipments in your industry. When most deliveries are individual, perhaps you can create systems which make it easy for the workers to locate items. An example would be organizing the items alphabetically, by item number, or by item classification!


Adopt an Inventory Management Software

Adopt an Inventory Management Software

Trained workers and distinct policies are great starts for increasing the organization and efficiency of a warehouse. However, implementing an inventory management system can be a great supplement to your already existing management efforts. Inventory management software come with many features. The better ones are able to keep track of a multitude of items through barcodes, GPS and tracking numbers. Apart from that, they can also be integrated into a point of sale system. In the Philippines, this is very evident for some of the more popular manufacturing companies.


Key Takeaway

What is inventory management in the Philippines without some priority in making a profit with as little effort as possible? That is what having an organized warehouse can bring you! Make sure that you use the five tips mentioned above and reap the rewards of having a well-kept warehouse!