Embracing Technology for Your Inventory Management in the Philippines

Why should you embrace technology in inventory management? Increase economies of scale Improve efficiency Optimize time usage   One of the most important aspects of all businesses nowadays is the concept of digitization. This simply means making use of digital software and applications to further improve the inner processes of the company. This includes a […]

An In-Depth Guide to Creating Your Inventory Procedures

How do you create inventory procedures? Determine needs and demands Organize your inventory Choose your inventory management technique Maintain tracking records of your incoming and outgoing inventory Ensure accuracy through inventory counts   A large part of what makes a company successful is their inventory management. In the Philippines, both big and small companies are […]

Prevent Operational Issues with Inventory Management in the Philippines

What operational aspects can inventory management help solve? Product tracking and status indication Statistical product forecast Inappropriate inventory management techniques Cash flow management   Before the inventory process of a company can become smooth and flawless, it has to go through a stage wherein a number of issues arise in their operations. No business is […]

The Importance of In-House Music to Your Customer's Experience

Why is in-house music important to your store? Facilitates branding Creates an appropriate atmosphere Makes the shopping experience more personal Sets the pace of the shopping experience   The music that is played in a store serves as a clear representation of the brand. When you think about it, every store has its own niche […]

3 Common Mishaps in Inventory Management in the Philippines

What are some common mistakes in inventory management? Lack of performance measurement Inaccurate inventory forecast Miscoordination   In the Philippines, inventory management is a crucial part of many businesses. What you earn and what you save depends largely on how you handle your inventory. Any company that attempts to optimize their inventory processes can experience […]

How can understanding consumer behavior improve your brand? Alignment of sales and marketing efforts Physical store improvements Knowledge of what to sell   Consumer behavior is a complicated subject. It deals with so many aspects relating to the customer that it can be relatively time-consuming and difficult to fully understand. That being said, it’s incredibly […]

Why Business Owners Need Inventory Management Systems

  A business’ inventory is its lifeline. Without services, or in this case, products to offer, your company is practically nothing. You have to make sure that you will always have products in the store, no matter what the circumstances are. Proper inventory management in the Philippines is what leads to maintaining an optimum amount […]

The Importance of Your Store's Atmosphere

Why is a store’s atmosphere important? Attracts your desired market Stimulates your customers to buy more Makes your store an experience Optimizes your staff   Your store is nothing without customers. Even with amazing products and talented staff, if your store doesn’t look the part, it will probably not do well. Knowledge of inventory management […]

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