HR Manager | Inventory | P.O.S

Secure and easy to manage Point-Of-Sale (P.O.S.) with real time sales and inventory reports that you can access online and keep track of your employees through our HR Manager


  • Multiple-store ready
  • Multiple Cashier Users
  • Customer Types (Discounts)
  • Promos / Rewards
  • Barcode ready
  • Returns
  • Materials
  • Expenses
  • Shifts (for Reverse POS)
  • Reversed POS ready*
  • Admin Passcode for Void transactions
  • Reports with date range
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Detailed Sales Report
  • Sales Per Item Report
  • Total Sales Report
  • Total Sold Per Item
  • Top Selling Item report
  • Detailed Sales Returned report
  • Export reports to PDF, CSV and Excel
  • Offline mode**


  • Multiple-store ready
  • Multiple Inventory Users
  • Item Content Management System
  • Product Image upload
  • Multi-level Categories
  • Reports with date range
  • Items bulk edit functionality
  • Import Products with Excel format
  • Inventory Inquiry report
  • Critical Items report
  • Beginning and Ending inventory shift report (for reversed POS)
  • Export reports to PDF, CSV and Excel

HR Manager

  • Sign in / Sign out photo capture and passcode
  • Log geolocation
  • Realtime employee log status
  • Employee profile
  • List view / table view of employees with search functionality
  • Employee Content Management System
  • Employee logs report with date range

Plus, as an added bonus feature, we’ve given an option of a customizable App
that your customers can download in the App Store where:

  • You can run a Loyalty and Rewards Program
  • You can show your different store locations
  • You can showcase what you sell in your store
  • Your customers can order items and pay (no more long cues in-store)
  • You can inform customers of any promos


P 1,500 / month per store

Up to 1,000 SKU's

P 3,000 / month per store

Up to 10,000 SKU's